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2017 Resolutions & Goals


Happy Monday everyone I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! So, I thought it would be important for me to list some of my goals going forward with my blog and 2017! I’m a little slacker barely getting this up now but I always say it’s better late than never ;). Plus I’ve always been one where I feel like you can set goals and resolutions anytime of the year. So, here goes here’s just a few :).

1.|I want to be healthier this year. So, I plan on hitting the gym and eating healthier. Which I have started going back to gym yay! This one is kind of hard for me not kidding haha.  Well the gym part but I’m definately planning on really being dedicated this year (fingers crossed tightly). LUCKILY  I have a friend that is a personal trainer hehe.

2.|Doing more styled posts for the blog to share with all of you lovely girls. I really want be more agressive to give you all more inspirational idea for styled looks. I have a number written down of the goal I want to hit. But I don’t want to reveal it till January 2018 to let you all know if I did indeed hit it.

3.|Posting more Fashion Illustrations and adding them to my Etsy store!

4.|Spending more time with Colby (even though we are going through the annoying teenage years). I’m sure he would rather not spend so much time with me haha. Oh well he needs to suck it up because one day he will treasure these memories ;). Okay maybe I will more than him plsu I love to annoy him lol. Working a full time job and working on my blog doesn’t allow for a lot of free time. However, I really want to try and figure out more ways to spend quality time with him.

5.|Doing more mini family road trips :). I love spontaneous family road trips.

6.|More collaborating with other talented bloggers, photographers, and more.

Well I will leave to the list to just that for now. Trust me you don’t want my entire list it would bore you haha. Actually you would probably think I’m a huge goofy nerd if I listed the rest. I totally admit that I am too ahaha. I know 2017 is going to be amazing and I have some big stuff in the works. However, I can’t reveal what they are so, I don’t jinx them. I really can’t wait to reveal what they are as we get closer to me revealing them.What are some of your resolutions and goals for 2017 I’m curious to know! Plus do you also have a hard time like me keeping the resolutions ahaha ? Well I better run have a very happy Monday. Thanks for stopping by as always !!! 🙂


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