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2018 Resolutions & Goals

Happy Friday I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year’s!

I’m typing this blog post at 12:30am :). I’ve really wanted to think about my resolutions and goals really in-depth.  Deciding what I really wanted to work on this year in 2018. It wasn’t easy and many of you probably know from personal experiences how hard it is to follow through on goals. Now the tough part is going to be, to try and make sure I stick with these all year. I think even if I mess up a few times. I’m still going to keep going as long as I keep trying to keep on top of the goals and work on them. Usually I mess up and then I’m like okay I’m done ahaha. I’m a bit of a perfectionist at times ;).

So, here is the list ….



-2018 I really want to grow this blog of mine even more. I love combining the styled posts, designs, and illustrations into one place.  Working on all three of those things really gets my creative juices flowing! Plus it is what makes the blog what it is. All of my readers make this blog what it is too. I’m so, beyond thankful for each and everyone one of you that comment and follow along.

I’m going to turn up the heat and do even more styled post for you all. I hope to inspire all of you with your style by showing you different looks. I know that number don’t seem like a lot but, right now to me they do since I’m a bit shy in front of the camera still. I’m hoping I can even push past those numbers to make it higher.

-Fifty new Illustrations, I want to add fifty new Illustrations to my Etsy store by the end of December 2018! (So, get ready!) Get ready for more Illustrations for you all to purchase and for more content here on the blog and Instagram feeds for all your viewing pleasure.

– Selling in more flea markets, and art walks once a month. December was my first one and I learned so much. Now, it’s time to keep running with this. Once a month I want to bring my Illustrations/ Artwork to these outdoor shopping places. I love meeting my readers and making friends with you all as well as the other vendors.

– Design more and finish a very MAJOR important project by September. I cannot say more anymore just yet about this. All will be revealed over the next few months.


– Spend more time with Colby! He’s growing so fast and I love spending time with him even when he finds it totally annoying. More family time/ vacations.

-Moving and getting our own place again. EKKKKK so excited for this one.

-Take better care of myself physically to get into better shape. I don’t just want to work out to be physically healthy but also mentally and emotionally. Some days are extremely exhausting working and being a full time single parent. I know the more I take of myself by working out more regularly the less stressed I will feel. It will also help me find better balance.

-Washing my face EVERY single night. Taking better care of my skin on my face! I’m really so bad at removing makeup before bed. It really has become quite a nasty habit and I want to break free of it!


Well I better run and those are all of the goals and resolutions I can share with you at this moment for 2018! I really am excited to see what happens in 2018. I know it will be a great year full of lots of growth. It definatley will be the one that I’m going to push myself like never before. Well I better get some shut eye. I hope you enjoy a glimpse of some of my goals. Do any of you have suggestions on how to make sure one stays with their goals. I’m always open to suggestions because so many of you have great ideas that I wouldn’t normally think of.

Thanks for stopping by!



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