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Happy Tuesday it’s a hot one this week in California. I just got back from much cooler weather in Utah. I honestly was layering my clothes to stay warm. It was actually snowing in Utah and here in California it’s warming up again!  I’m so ready for fall weather and the cool down.

Utah was a lot of fun but also extremely hard. I’m not use to so much physical activity in a short amount of time. I learned so, much about myself on this girls trip. I definately learned I’m more a city girl than physical adeventures outdoor sports activites kind of girl…haha. Don’t get me wrong I love the outdoors and nature. But I’d rather be in a cabin sketching or going on small hikes 😉 and relaxing. Although I REALLY loved ATVing. I will admit I drove into a couple of ditches ahaha scaring my friend that was riding with me. I’m totally up for doing that again.

Since it technically is fall but it doesn’t feel like it. I’m still into wearing floral but darker florals of course. Although waiting for cooler weather here in California before I bring out the long floral dresses looks 😉 .

Thanks for stopping by and talk very soon.

XX, Shy

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