Oak Glen Style

Happy Saturday I’m finally going through all of the Oak Glen pictures! I wanted to get them up before New Year’s Eve ;). I’m suppose to head to dance tonight and still have no idea what exactly I’m going to wear. I have some ideas but we will see what I actually do wear and what my mood is like in a few hours.

I love heading up to Oak glen once a year during the fall season. Usually I pick apples up there and you can also make apple cider. There really is a lot to do up in Oak Glen. Don’t even get me started on all the apple treats they have. My friends and I  missed apple picking this year and the pumpkin season up there too.  Instead we decided to go see a Christmas Carol and it was a lot of fun. After eating and being totally stuffed and watching the play. We decided to just walk around and explore. I mean nothing beats taking in all the fresh mountain air. I LOVE escaping the city. There is just something about getting away. I always feel so inspired and rejuvinated after a mountain trip. Does anyone else feel the same way ?

I love love loveeeee mini road trips too. If you all have any suggestions of places you love visiting to escape the city and be inspired? I do highly suggest going to Riley’s Farm during apple picking, and their other fruit picking times. It’s a tad pricer than visiting and getting stuff from the local grocery store. However, the experience of doing it yourself and escaping to such a pretty place makes it worth it by far.

Oh and it was so, much colder than I thought it was going to be hehe. This was the week after California had a huge heat wave in the fall time. Honestly it was 90 degree the week before visiting Oak Glen. So, the temperature drop sure caught me off guard just a little bit! I’m totally a nerd I know but what can I say I’m such a California Beach girl it’s so sad lololol. Next it’s ear muffs, a scarf, gloves and few more layers lol j/k ;).

Alright I better run. I hope you all have a wonderful night! 🙂 Thanks for always stopping by and reading my blog!



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