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I drew this little illustration as a thank you. This jumpsuit is actaully something Anthropolgie sells |Here|.


Happy April ! Here is to my first blog post in April 2017 yippie ! So, as you can tell this blog post is serious photo overload and I’m really sorry for that ahaha. In March I had the wonderful opportunity to work with and model for Anthropologie. Let me say it was different totally stepping out of my comfort zone. Something I have been REALLY pushing for this year with myself.  I went in for a fitting where a stylist had an outfit picked out for me to try on. My fitting was extremely fast they said I was an easy fit.

The day of the event they did some of our hair and make-up. It was definately different being a live model that day. Walking where everyone’s eyes were on you. Anthropologie didn’t really touch my hair they mostly popped the color of my lips and added minor blush. They were going for a very natural look for all the models. I was totally cool and collected. Not nervous at all until people showed up and I walked down the runway with them looking at me ahahaha. I could feel my lips twitching from nerves LOL (so not attractive.).

After everything was done I met up with my friend and mom. Which I’m sure you saw in the pictures ahaha. It was wonderful to have them there supporting me in my crazy adventures ahaha. So, thank you mom and Elizabeth you are the greatest. I had to stay in my outfit for about an hour after the show. Then it was off to dinner with mom and Elizabeth to Cheesecake factory! All that walking made me a starving girl ahaha ;).

I just want to write a quick thank you to Anthro Newport Beach. For allowing me the opportunity to model in your clothes and letting me be in your Spring fashion show…THANK YOU (and thank you for the gift !).

In case you were wondering I also decided to style my own looks. The main focus was the jacket so, I styled things around that. My stylist style was great and there is never one way to style. However, I thought I would show you two other ways I would have styled it to inspire you all.

Look # Is the look by my lovely stylist!

Look #2 (Styled by me.) Being that the jacket is really the EYE CATCHING piece and oversized. I went with skinny white jeans and a very pale orange tee-shirt (since orange is commentary to blue). A little trick I learned in school is if something is big on the top you want to pair it with something tailored on the bottom. Something more form fitting and vice versa. Having both a big volume jacket and pants doesn’t really compliment the figure of the model. That is why big on bottom you go tight on the top and vice versa. Seeing as the earrings really were long and having my hair down hid them and the pale orange beading. I put my hair up in quick top bun. I really wish I had, had heels. Like a pale or bright orange would have totally worked with this look. The jacket the focal stand out piece. Nothing was competing which is perfect you don’t want something competing with whatever piece is the attention grabber. Everything else should only enhance your focal piece/point not draw attention away.

Look # 3 (Styled by me.) This look I just threw on a white tee- shirt that had a little bit of shimmer to it. Kept the white skinny jeans. I really liked the white washed look with only the jacket having the color. The look reminded me of the beach or a look you would see in the Hamptons. My hair was up yet again because of the earrings, really showing them off. For shoes I would have put on a dark bright blue heel or a orange heel to complete the look.

Well let me know out of all three looks which one is your favorite 🙂 ? Thanks for stopping by as always and reading my blog !


Look # 1 |Jeans|Tee| Jacket|Heels (sold out of the ones in the picture)|Earrings  (pictured ones sold out)

Look# 2 |Jeans| Tee (option 2)|Jacket|Heels|Earrings

Look # 3 |Jeans|Tee|Jacket|Heels (option 2) (option 3) (option 4)| Earrings (pictured ones sold out) (option 2)



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