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CasualValentines3CasualValentines5CasualValentines2CasualValentines6Happy Monday! I wanted to do a quick styled post to make it up to all my readers for being absent for almost two weeks. Or for not posting as much as I promised. In the next post you will see exactly why I have been a little more quiet than usual. Until then enjoy this styled casual Valentine’s day look.

While I love dressing up most of the time. I am a busy working single mom and sometimes my time is extremely limited. Knowing this I figure a lot of my readers might be the same perhaps not a single mom, but a mom, or just a busy woman ;). (I’ve got all my ladies covered). So, I wanted a look that was dressy casual that wouldn’t take too much time and was perfect for Valentine’s. This look is great for going out with the girls for Valentine’s, or just going out with that special someone. It’s easy but feminine and I’m a sucker for lace especially this blouse. You can easy add a blazer and/or heeled booties to dress it up more.

If your wondering about the chalk love drawing. Yup I drew it with sidewalk chalk (stole it from my son I know I’m so being judged right now..haha). It was a lot of fun putting fashion and art together on this shoot I might just have to try it again soon. I drew it the day before this shoot and literally I was covered in chalk…haha. It was in my hair and on my face. My blue shirt looked like I got into a fight with baby powder. I even got a little on my clothes in this shoot and I wasn’t even touching it. It will wash out though because it’s just chalk. I had a lot of fun drawing it and just being creative.

Thanks for stopping by and reading I hope you have a wonderful Monday!

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