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I’m so excited to hit the beach this summer ! Oh how I’ve missed sitting in the sand, listening  to the ocean breeze and playing in the ocean water. What I really mean by that is sitting under the umbrella and maybe dipping my toes in the water and getting covered in sand from playing in the sand and building castles. I’m such a big kid tehehe don’t act like you don’t play in the sand still too haha. I’m also the person that steals a kids menu sometimes just so I can color and play the games on it 😉 . Anyways here is a sneak peek of one of the design collections I am putting in my portfolio that I recently designed. I named it California Dreaming because it’s inspiration is the California beaches.

With the ocean as my inspiration I wanted to incorporate pops of blues and turquoise because I didn’t want to take the color literally and make all blue suits. I thought if i paired the two colors with black it would make the colors stand out more. Mesh accents were also another must  and playful lines and cutouts helped incorporate the fun carefree feeling of the California beach lifestyle.

I hope you enjoy my designs and illustrations! And thank you for stopping by and reading my blog!



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