Behind The Scenes Utah Fashion Week

It’s here finally! The official behind the scenes pictures and process from Utah Fashion Week. Not to mention the sheer madness of being a fashion designer.  I’ve gone through a lot of photos that I have captured along the way and of the process. Narrowing it down to these gems for your eyes to see. Don’t worry I saved your eyes from the piles and piles of patterns and mess that consumed my house. That shall always remain in the background. At one point something went out in my apartment. Which resulted in me calling the maintenance man to come over and fix it. Yes I’m more than positive he thought I was running a small sweat shop business out of our apartment…haha.

I do hope you enjoy this rare sneak peak from the behind the scenes. Some of these pictures are of the treatment process. Since I did most of the treatments to the fabrics myself. Not an easy thing but it really adds that special touch to my collection and designs. Not to mention very time consuming but worth it.

I better run though. I don’t want to make this post too long. Since I know many of you are out already shopping for the holiday season. Oh yes I wanted to share.  I also have some holiday looks coming your way. I’m currently working on editing them and taking more pictures for holiday style inspiration for you all. I’m so, excited for that and can’t wait to share. So, I hear you’re requests and they are coming soon promise!

Talk soon and thank you for stopping by my blog!




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