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It’s been a busy busy BUSY week. I meant to get this post up sooner but with the art show coming up it’s been a little nutty lately to say the least.  I wanted to post our family Disneyland pictures but couldn’t. I will be getting those all prepared tonight promise!

Anyways I’ll let you know more about the art show that I am in next week in the next blog post woohoo so excited. So, excited to finally tell you all about it woosh. I’ll be posting all the details and such if you would like to attend and are in the area to do so YIPPIE!

Since I’m always on the run working two jobs and rasing a teen as you all know. I’m always looking for easy ways, stylish ways and looks. So, here is a style that is easy but has all the style you need. Plus I know many of you ladies are in a similar situation with the time crunch I totally get it. Well I better run time to head off to my regular job ;). Talk soon and let me know in the comments below. What is absolute must have essential piece of clothing or accessory you need to have at all times?

Thanks for stopping by as always!

Shirt (option 1) (option 2)|Jeans|Purse|Booties (old) (option 1)(option 2)(option 3)|Jacket (old) (option 1) (option 2) (option 3)|Scarf | Sunglasses|Lips| Rings| Earrings| Nails|


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