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Happy Thursday! I hope everyone had an amazing Halloween. I know I did spending it with my son dressing up as Ghostbusters and trick or treating around the neighborhood with my niece and nephew. Earlier my son and I took our annual Halloween pictures and even stopped by Krispy Kreme for some Ghostbuster donuts. Yes we just could not resist. What was so nice is we got two free donuts on top of our half because we dressed up as Ghostbusters. I’m not a huge doughnut person but the Ghostbuster ones were AMAZING (marshmallow filling yum)! So, yes our day was quite busy and an adventure haha.

Before I get side tracked I wanted to share with you this fashion post! Let me just say there are some things I am really loving this season and that is dark florals and Midi’s. I’m so happy the longer dress and skirt trend is still going strong. It’s so, nice to find longer skirts and not have to alter them..haha.(Not that I’m that tall because I’m almost 5’5 which is like the average height.) There is just something so girly and fun about a full skirt Midi that I think I’m in love with! Don’t even get me started on the floral prints and this one too ekkk.

So, if your pondering buying a Midi skirt or dress here are some great tips for pulling off the look….

-Since Midi’s are mid calf to below the knee they look better with strappy heels. The strappy sandals will make your legs look longer balancing the skirt length and your fabulous legs! I know in my pictures I’m wearing closed toed but that’s because I really love those shoes..hehe.

-If you want to wear closed toed heels. You can totally still wear them and look great by opting for a nude colored heel. Again this trick will make your legs look longer.

-My last tip is for shorter girls like 5’3 that say they cannot pull off a midi skirt. I have to say it is a little tricker. I feel and have learned that girls that are shorter around 5’3 and under look better with skirts that skim the top of their knee. This will actually make you look taller and the skirt or dress will not overpower you. If you still want a wear Midi skirt I would just make your hemline higher just below the knee. Anything longer and it will not work. Make sure too to wear your strappy heels with your Midi skirt that hits just below your knee to complete the look.

I hope these little tips on wearing a Midi help :). Thank you again sooo much for stopping by and reading my blog.

All photo’s by Jeffrey Lin

Skirt (Another option)| Shirt| Heels(sold out) (Another option)| Rings| Short Necklace (sold out) (Another option)|Long Necklace (store at Downtown Disney)| Lipstick Super Star

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