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Happy Thursday! I am SO ready for cooler weather here in California. I want to wear coats, scarves, boots, and layer so badly I can just taste it. If it wasn’t 95 degrees outside I might just layer up and not care..haha. But sadly it has been so hot all you want to do is stay cool by either swimming, air conditioning, going to the beach, or just sleep away the day till it starts to cool off. I know I’m not the only one that gets super sleepy when it’s blazing outside 😉 . Right now my current residence does not have air conditioning and let me just say Colby and I have found creative ways to stay cool by visiting Starbucks more than normal, thinking of heading to the library and you don’t wanna know the rest…hehe.

Even though it’s been Death Valley here okay I exaggerate a little, just a little bit. Night’s have been getting rather cooler which might be why I’m hoping and wishing and praying for cooler temperatures which got me thinking about coats and jackets yippie. So, here are just a few of my favorite fall jacket and coat trends. y6


-Animal Prints. (Which I don’t normally like but when done right like the picture I posted they are dreamy)

-Biker chic coats.

Supersized silhouettes.

– Faux Fur accents and mixture.

– Sleeveless jackets/coats.

-Winter white. 

-Crazy about red, and toggle obsession.


-Crushing on blue.

To see the rest of the winter trends for coats and jackets here.

Remember you don’t have to follow trends to look good. Fashion only adds and highlights what is already there. So, be confident because confidence makes you feel and look good. I love trends not because I want to follow each one but I like see new ideas and deciding what what will work for me. So enjoy seeing some of my favorite trend picks. Thanks so much for always stopping by to read my blog and talk read real soon! Have a awesome Thursday. 🙂

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