Friday Faves Coats & Jackets


Happy Friday a double post as promised! Here are some of my favorite coat and jacket picks for fall and winter.  I love any coat that has faux fur deatil. SO, I’m sorry ahead of time for posting a lot more than I should have bwahaha. Actually I’m sorry not sorry.

I do hope you enjoy some of my picks. Oh and I wanted to ask you all is there any pick idea’s you would love me to do? I’m always open to what you all are interested in too.

Get ready for Holiday dress picks though that is definately on the list of what to share. Well I better run I need to actaully get ready for a shoot I have later. Daylight savings time is killing me. I don’t know about you but I love the longer daylight days we have in the summer. But I also love the fall weather. Can I have both please! 🙂

Talk very soon and thank you for stopping by and reading as always!



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