Friday Favorites


Happy Friday here is my Friday Faves. I know I missed last Friday it was just so, crazy with Colby’s birthday and Halloween all in the same week. I mean normally ย it always is so, not sure why I was so, caught off guard. Every year it happens though hahaha. I should be use to it but NOPE. I’ll make it up to you all I promise ;)! I feel another double post coming very soon and in the near future.

So, Nordstroms is having a huge sale right now …hehe. So, if you want to start your holiday shopping early you can get a jump start and beat the crowds now.

There is SOOOOOO much cute stuff on sale. So, just thought I would help. Well I better run but have a fun Friday (Friyay). Thanks so, very much for always stopping by and reading my blog! Talk very soon.




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