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Happy Monday I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

Today I wanted to talk about eye make-up and the Cat-eye look. Now if you know me, you probably already know I love the Cat-Eye look SHOCKING I KNOW. It is like my everyday look..hahaha. I really do love a good cat eye what can I say ? 😉 Depending on how thick and how long the tails of the cat-eyes are. You can easily go from chic to edgy is no time. They are perfect for casual settings or fancy dressed up parties or weddings. I myself tend to get a little bold and usually have a heavier cat (might be why I go through so many eye pencils and liquid eye liner so fast). It’s also because I’m so pale I feel like it really pops my eyes. I’m just a girl that can’t tan nor do I like too.

So, I went ahead and drew up a how to on how to get the perfect cat-eye! Follow these simple steps below and you won’t go wrong! perhaps you’ve been already been doing this look for sometime. Still look at the how to because I found it was a easier way than how I had been doing it.

I also included eyeliners and eye pencils that are my absolute favorites. Oh yes and a few different cat-eye looks that you should experiment with. Remember it takes practice so, if you make a mistake try again you will eventually get it. Oh yes and have fun! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog all the time and reading my posts!Cat1.| Starting your flick line should only be an extension of the lower lash and eye opening. Just imagine the bottom of your eye continuing and this is where that line should go. Some people use tape as a guide (only when first starting). 2.| Draw your line going from the bottom up. This will give a nice clean end tip of your cat-eye flick (that is important) 3.|After your line is drawn create a triangle. So from your first line start at the top and draw the next line going down to create a triangle like I mentioned. 4.| Starting in the middle and working forward in small strokes draw your line right next to your lash line. 5.| Now connect the line from the middle of your eye to the triangle. 6. Fill in the triangle are and and make make the line on your lash line as thick as you want. For beginners I suggest starting with a light easy cat don’t go bold as your still trying to get your technique down (but do have fun). Last and final step line your upper water line with a eyeliner pencil and add mascara to your lashes and your done!DifferentStyles


1| I love Urban’s waterproof liner it glides on smooth and is a great liner! I only wear it if I’m not going to do a dramatic cat as it tends to flake if you have a heavy cat. This stuff will last the whole night the staying power is amazing. I usually set it with black eyeshadow for even longer staying power (just where I put the line)! I don’t recommend this one for your water line though as it tends to not stay. But it is a must have.

2|This is a great felt tip liquid liner I totally loved it when I use to buy it. However it didn’t last me long enough so I had to switch to another brand. But for someone again that doesn’t do a dramatic cat this is a perfect liquid liner for you!

3| I accidentally discovered this one on a trip to Portland and have been hooked since. The price is amazing. It is a liquid liner with a brush trip application which I noticed gave me an even nice flick on my cat. The special lash serum helps lashes grown and be healthy! I did notice my lashes were getting better before I threw away the box and discovered this added perk. I thought it was just my lashes being totally amazing..haha. But they got better after using this liquid liner. Even though it’s waterproof don’t try to swim with it it will come off. Regardless I’m hooked and think it’s the best liner I’ve tried.

4| Oh Nars what’s not to love? This stuff is amazing for waterlines. It has held up better than anything I’ve tried for my own waterline. You don’t even need to sharpen this pencil. So, don’t try to sharpen it like I did the first time oops. That’s a story for another day tough haha.



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