Glamorous Illustrations

I was asked a little while ago to do some commission work for my sister in law. My brother and her recently just bought a home here in sunny California. Now as they get settled in she has been decorating the house. Knowing that I love to illustrate fashion she asked if I could do four illustrations for her. She wanted to put them in her dinning room which is connected to the family/ front room.

So, I thought to myself hmmmm what to do? At first she wanted my illustrations from my portfolio but I kind of need those haha. So, I told her I would create new fashion illustrations for her. She was more than excited for that idea. Lucky for me she trusted me and gave me the freedom I wanted to do whatever I wanted. Kind of dangerous I know! One of the toughest parts of starting a new project is coming up with the idea. I always find everything after that a piece of cake. As I thought about this new commissioned project I thought about what theme and what kind of story I wanted to to tell. I finally decided I wanted these fashion illustrations to be glamorous and with a strong sense of femininity. Usually how all women want to feel and look (glamorous). Then I decided I wanted to stick with deep jewel tones because I wanted confident glamorous women. Any woman that is going for glamorous lets face it is in reality a very confidant and comfortable in her skin type of woman.

This project was a little different than my previous too. I played with glitter and rhinestones in combination with my usual illustration media’s of copic and primsa pencils. And let me just say I loved using mixed media.  So here is how the illustrations turned out. I’ll post a picture of them framed and on the wall when they are done with both. I hope you like them and thanks for stopping by!

illustrations4Illustrations2Illustrations1illustrations5illustrations6illustration7illustrations7illustrations3 All Photo’s Courtesy of Eternel Trésor

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