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Happy Valentines Day ! Thought I would put together this quick Valentine’s last minute gift guide. So, that your covered if you need a VERY last minute idea to pick up a gift today. Don’t worry I have you covered and I totally know how time can escape you. It happens to me all the time hehe.

Just in case your wondering you can never go wrong with almost all the Chanel perfume just FYI. Chanel Chance is one of my ABSOLUTE favorites. Acutally I’m almost out of it and need to run to Nordstrom and buy a new one before I’m comepletely out. So, glad I put this list together because it reminded me so, THANK YOU ;). Just in case you were really thinking about buying a perfume.

I know what I will be doing this Valentine’s day. I have a big project right around the corner and can’t wait to tell you all about it EKKK. That means I will be working on that. I am however, looking forward to celebrating and making up for lost times after my big project reveal. I might have a little something with my kiddo really little though.

Have a very happy Valentine’s day EVERYONE! Thanks for stopping by and talk soon.




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