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I should be running Halloween errands but I wanted to get this illustration up that I just finished. I need to pick up a few more accessories to complete my look for tonights Halloween parties, Halloween pictures and actual Halloween day.

Enjoy some of the close ups and a little bit of the behind the scenes. I will also be adding this illustration to my Etsy shop just in case you all were wondering.

This week flew by SO, fast I was housesitting for a close friend and working on Illustrations, fashion shoots, and getting into the Halloween spirit…hehe. Pumpkin carving, cookie decorating, and haunted house decorating all kept me and Colby busy too. We carved pumpkins on Tuesday but sadly with the heat wave they didn’t make it haha. Seriously they were so sad looking and they started growing stuff ย YUCK!

Colby was less thrilled about all the creative stuff HAHA. I had to really wrangle him to help me (he’s so logical). I know one day he will thank me though muahaha.

Well have a safe weekend you all. I’ll talk to you all soon thanks for stopping by.

XX, Shy



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