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Yes I couldn’t resist sketching another Marchesa gown and showing a little behind the scenes of the process. As you can tell from a few of the pictures the original sketch often changes a little when illustrating the final piece.

I should have posted this illustration a little while ago but I’m still adjusting to my current new job. Not to mention adjusting to having a teenager in high school and taking him to seminary which starts at 5:45. I’ll be honest I’m so not a morning person. The first couple of weeks I would sleep in the car waiting for my teen to get out of seminary. Yes that’s right I keep a blanket and pillow in the car at all times now ;). Don’t judge me you so, would do it too to get that extra five minutes of shut eye because it is so worth it. I’ve woken up a few times with a black eye ( yes I’m bad at removing all my eye makeup at night). Probably not the most attractive look when your a single mom hehe. But probably a look I will be rocking for the next four years yay!

However, I think this new experience has made me grateful for the following, seven hours of true uninterrupted sleep, sleeping in my comfy bed, pillows, blankets are amazing, and sunglasses.

So, my apologies for not getting this illustration posted sooner. Talk soon thanks for stopping by 🙂 .

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