New Holiday Illustrations

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Happy Saturday! Just wanted to share some of my recent fashion illustrations and of course a few behind the scenes photos. From concept to final illustration. Sometimes when I illustrate I do warm up sketches where ideas come to my head as I just warm up. As I’ve gotten older. I’ve realized how important it is to warm up and always have a sketch pad handy. You just never know when ideas will come to your mind. Or I play around and experiment. Which helps give me ideas for the final illustrations. When I was younger I was always afraid to make mistakes and experiment. Once I learned to let go. I started seeing how those two element were important to my work. I wasn’t so, afraid and became more confidant making mistakes and experimenting.

So, I’ve totally got the holidays (Christmas) on the brain ekkk and we are not even to Thanksgiving yet haha. I’m so, not going to play Christmas music though until after Thanksgiving at least. I’m not one to put up a Christmas tree till after Thanksgiving and I’m not going to cave….bahaha. We need to be fair to Thanksgiving.

Just in case your wondering both of these illustrations are in my Etsy shop too. I’m planning on doing a time lapse of my illustration process I promise. It’s definately coming soon just in case some of you were curious and it’s on the to do list ;).

Well I better run thanks for stopping by and reading.



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