Powder Pink and Black


Today I wanted to do a double blog post since last week I slacked off a bit. Actually it was just a VERYYYY busy week lots of new and exciting things happening. Sometimes change is scary but it is also exciting and there is a lot of change happening right now. I have to admit I haven’t alway been so excited about change especially if I don’t have all the answers..haha. I’m a need to know girl and will figure things out so, I’m in the know. Am I the only one that is like this? I’ve learned over the years change is good and there is lots of growth and excitment from change. So, here we go bring it.

Now back to this look. This is a Sunday look I wore a month or two ago. Finally getting around to getting these pictures edited and up for you all to see. Plus it was one of my favorite looks I wore to church. Simple and chic seem to win time after time.

So, I’m sharing before the blog posts become a Halloween take over haha. I’ve been brainstorming all month on cute Halloween costumes ideas and inspiration to help you all. So keep your eyes on the look out for that coming this week. Colby and I have finalized ours just a couple weeks ago and I just ordered his. I also finished picking up the accessoires for mine so, excited….ekkkkkk. I need to actually do some other DYI still for Colby’s costume to complete the look.

Well I better run thanks for always stopping by it always means so much.

XX, Shy

|Skirt (Old) Option 1, Option 2, Option 3|Blouse(Old) Option 1, Option 2, Options 3|Earrings (Old) Similar| Lips| Watch| Bangle (Old) Option 1, Option 2, Option 3| Heels (Old) Option 1, Option 2, Option 3|




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