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Oh Disneyland ! So, I’m finally getting around to posting our Disneyland trip pictures. I decided to take the day off work and requested so. We are also not blocked out anymore for the summer since we have AP passes. Which all meant a trip was way over due ;). I’m just trying to spend more time with my kiddo because he’s getting so big SO FAST ahh! The begining of November he will be 15 and I’m not sure how that happend haha.

We ended up meeting up with one of my friends that I didn’t know was going till I posted on my FB account. It really is a small world and Disnyland really is a magnet. Everytime I go I swear I have a few friends also at the park without knowing. Colby had been sick with what I thought was food posiening but was over it by Monday thank goodness (he was sick on Friday). I met up with my friend Elizabeth who is a nanny to the cutest boy Lucas! When I first met Lucus he came in for a hug or so, I thought. Let me just say oh boy is this little guy going to be a lady killer when he grows up. I said, Oh Lucus you want to give me a hug how sweet!” His reply, “No I want to hold your hand!” Talk about pick up lines already at three hehe.

The park was so, PACKED but we still had a blast. We ate a few Mickey shaped foods as you can tell from the pictures above haha. Went on several rides and Lucus held my hand for most of the time at Disneyland. As the night progressed I broke off from my friend because they were seeing the World Of Color. Which is not my favorite I’m more a Fantasmic girl myself. However, I’m glad we broke off because let me just say I got SO sick. I think I ran out of the park (or walk as fast as I could without looking dumb) and drove home on fumes (yes I was on empty getting to the park haha) just to get home in time. What I thought was hunger earlier at the park and Colby having food posiening was for sure me getting sick because Colby really had the stomach flu! Also I’m buying Etsy Minnie Ears the ones from the park are so tight my head was throbbing but maybe that’s all still tied into my lovely son caring so much to share his sickness with me haha.

So, Disneyland was a lot much fun up until I got so sick as a dog. Anyways I better run hope you enjoyed our little Disneyland story and you laughed a little bit at the time. I sure am now looking back ahaha just not then. Even the sight of food on the billboards that night made me want to ouke lol. Thanks you like always for stopping by I hope you all have a wonderful Labor Day weekend !

P.S. I tried to get Colby to wear a regular Disney shirt but he wasn’t having it not with a clean Laker shirt in drawer haha. This kid of mine is so obsessed it’s gotta be a boy thing!


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