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Here are my top picks for the end of summer. So, if your planning on a Holiday vacation in a warmer area or live in a current warm place. Then these swimsuits are perfect for you! California is currently expereiencing  a big heat wave! So, the only thing on my mind is the beach and pool to survive it hehe. I currently just ordered a swimsuit the other day too hehe. I will link it below because it’s not included in this list. There were still way too many cute ones to pick just one and to even pick the twelve here ;).

I bought a little black swim suit that is essential to any woman’s closet for summer! 🙂 Think little black dress but in a swimsuit!

I hope you enjoy my picks for the end of summer swimsuits. I’m currently off I have a big day with lots of things to do. I hope you all have a wonderful Thursaday.

Swimsuit 1| Swimsuit 2| Swimsuit 3| Swimsuit 4| Swimsuit 5|Swimsuit 6| Swimsuit 7| Swimsuit 8| Swimsuit 9| Swimsuit 10| Swimsuit 11| Swimsuit 12| Swimsuit 13 |

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