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Gift Ideas For Her …


Happy Monday! I thought I would do some quick giving ideas for her just in case you were at a stand still with ideas! Hey even that happens to me with all the hussle and bustle of the season. So, here is some of my picks I hope you like them.

I can’t believe how close Christmas is. I still have SO much shopping and errands to run ahaha. I might have to bribe Colby with some food to come with and help me out with shopping haha. The only down side to that is I can’t shop for him. If he’s with me or if I do he knows what he’s getting. And well that just ruins the surprise haha. Which is no fun at all since I’m a girl all about surprises!! Even though I try with all my own might to figure things out haha. I think the challenge for me is can I personally really be surprised despite all my guessing and all?  So, that might really be why I get even more excited to really surprise people. It’s the look on their face and their emotions that are that kodak moments that are priceless. Although I think Colby doesn’t enjoy surprises as much as me haha oh well he’s doomed.

Well I better run so much to do and time to head off to work again. How many of you like surprises too ? Also do any of you have any other gift giving ideas you would like to share I’m open to suggestions 🙂 . Thanks for stopping by my blog and reading talk soon!!!



Fave Five

FIVEFAVELast Post was all about Fall Coat/ Jacket trends. Now here are some of my favorite picks that are super affordable for this season. Now anyone that knows me well knows I love well made clothing ;). Naturally that means expensive..hehe. I’ve always had a love for quality even when I was in high school just ask my mom. I drove her nuts with wanting name brand clothing ..hehe. Since going to fashion school I’m afraid I love good quality clothes even more and appreciate them having had to make them in school. The problem now is I know what too look for and won’t just pay a high price unless I know it’s amazing quality.

I alway recommend spending a little more on something that is good quality because it will end up lasting you years! So, in the end it is worth it I feel to spend a little more. Although I do understand that this isn’t always possible. Hello single mom here to an almost thirteen year old! Because I’m a single mom who loves quality I also love affordable things too. My son at the moment is going through a major growth spurt and will pass me up shortly (sad tears). So, I love affordable options for myself since I’m having to buy him a lot of clothes lately not to mention him always being hungry (oh the joys of boys. 🙂 )

That is why I wanted to share with you these fave fives that are totally affordable ranging from $ 60- $160.00. I hope you enjoy my picks and I hope I have helped my fashion friends out there that are on a budget. Even if your not on a budget I know you will like these picks and plus they will be great for your wallet. Thanks so much for stopping by!