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Summer Time Dreams

Living in California is wonderful we always have great weather and don’t even get me started about the beaches. I could live at the beach if you let me. Under an umbrella though because I burn pretty easy and I haven’t mastered the red lobster look haha. It’s just not attractive and it hurts.

Lately though the weather in California has been so hot I honestly think i’m going to melt into the ground at times. So, I have been hitting the pool a lot more and might consider becoming a mermaid soon.

With that it inspired me for this post. So, here are some of my summer essentials that are a must this summer to survive the heat and enjoy the magic only summer brings. That are just perfect for beach days with your girls, your honeymoon, or just because. Oh yes and some of my favorite swimsuits that honestly have me wishing I really was a mermaid. Enjoy and thank you for stopping by and reading.beach7Beach1beach5 Continue Reading