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New Etsy Cases In My Shop


I’ve been meaning to get this post up. I finally added phone cases to my Etsy shop. I’m currently working on getting Β  Iphone 8 cases in my shop (For Etsy). If you don’t have an Iphone though. You can always visit my casetify shop. There is a large selection of different cases you can choose from. Just drag the tab down to the phone model you have and pick the design you like :).

To see all the ETSY choices CLICK HERE

For all the CASETIFY choices CLICK HERE

As always thanks for stopping by and reading my blog it always means so much to me! I have also added all of the shopping in information in the shop tab. In case you need to find everything much faster in the future. Have a wonderful week and let me know what you think of the phone case designs. :)

XX, Shy



Fashion, Illustrations

Dreaming In Pink



This is the last week of October so, I wanted to do another illustration for breast cancer awareness month! Of course that meant only one thing yup a pink gown.

I have been playing with more watercolors lately and using regular paper. I kind of like how the regular printer paper crinkles because it can’t handle the water like true watercolor paper. I think I’m attracted to the texture it gives the paper when it crinkles. Β I’m just having fun experimenting and being carefree with the last couple of fashion illustrations I’ve done.

I hope you enjoy this illustration and thank you so much for allowing me the chance to share with you my creations. I love sharing them with everyone and seeing how people respond to them! Thanks for also stopping by and reading my blog it means so much to me the continued support.

Photo’s and Illustrations by Shyleen