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Mother’s Day & Birthday Gift Guide



Since it’s my birthday week and Mother’s Day. I thought I would put together a gift guide for the two.  These are things that I currently have my eye on hehe. Plus not only does it double as a birthday guide but as a Mother’s Day guide too hehe. I’m all about killing two birds with one stone hehe.

So, if your my family reading my blog hehe. Here are some hints haha. However, if you are one of my readers. Don’t worry you can’t go wrong with any of these gifts for your mom, sister, aunt, cousin, friend and so, on that are all mother’s!

I’m not going to make this a long post. Since I know many of you are trying to set up your Mother’s Day plans. Thank you for stopping by and reading my blog. I’m still in the process of planning and trying to figure out what to do for my mom as I type. Maybe I can cook  for my mom . Oh wait I stink at cooking. Okay I might need to rethink this a little  hmm.

Well I’m off have a wonderful week.





Mother’s Day Gift Guide


Mother’s Day is this coming weekend. So, just in case you haven’t gotten mom a gift. Don’t worry I’m here to save the day! I hope this gift guide helps. As for me, I still need to get something for my mom too….hehe (I’m a slacker). It’s always busy around here so, I haven’t had much time to shop for her quite yet. It’s also my birthday week. So, things tend to get a little crazier than normal haha. However, now that I’ve looked around at gifts I’m pretty sure I know what I’m getting her now.

Okay I better run. Please tell me what you all are getting your mom this Mother’s Day. I want to know so, leave a comment below. I might also need a few more suggestions ;). I’m also still deciding where I should take my mom to eat too or if I should take her to get a pedicure. Oh decisions decisons decsions!!!! Thanks for stopping by.




Gift Ideas For Her …


Happy Monday! I thought I would do some quick giving ideas for her just in case you were at a stand still with ideas! Hey even that happens to me with all the hussle and bustle of the season. So, here is some of my picks I hope you like them.

I can’t believe how close Christmas is. I still have SO much shopping and errands to run ahaha. I might have to bribe Colby with some food to come with and help me out with shopping haha. The only down side to that is I can’t shop for him. If he’s with me or if I do he knows what he’s getting. And well that just ruins the surprise haha. Which is no fun at all since I’m a girl all about surprises!! Even though I try with all my own might to figure things out haha. I think the challenge for me is can I personally really be surprised despite all my guessing and all?  So, that might really be why I get even more excited to really surprise people. It’s the look on their face and their emotions that are that kodak moments that are priceless. Although I think Colby doesn’t enjoy surprises as much as me haha oh well he’s doomed.

Well I better run so much to do and time to head off to work again. How many of you like surprises too ? Also do any of you have any other gift giving ideas you would like to share I’m open to suggestions 🙂 . Thanks for stopping by my blog and reading talk soon!!!



Valentine’s Gift Guide


Happy Thursday! I know I have been away for a little while. But I have a huge surprise for you all to reveal what has been keeping me so busy.

Well Valentine’s is right around the corner. So I put together this quick little gift guide if you are wondering what to get for yourself ;), a girlfriend, or as a just because gift. I’ll be putting together a gift guide for him too so keep your eyes open. I’m not quite sure myself what I’ll be doing on Valentine’s day but I’ll probably decide last minute haha. Yep I’m pretty bad hehe.

I hope this little guide helps 😉 And thank you for stopping by and reading my blog it means SO much to me! Oh oh I included the Nars lip pencil and I’m in love with the color it’s so pretty. I ‘m so big on red that has a blue in it because it really does make red pop even more. Sorry I just wanted to tell you all how much I love it haha and how you should try it too. You won’t be disappointed promise.

1|2|3|4|5|6|7|8|9|10 (sold out) Another option )



Metallic Daydream

METALLICDAYDREAM-2Happy Wednesday! With the holidays right around the corner I can’t help but get excited about all the party outfits! All of sudden you can find glittery skirts, dresses, and shoes everywhere. I sometimes wish the Holidays would last a little bit longer so, I have more of an excuse to take advantage of getting all Promed out (or so my family calls it 😉 ) and wearing my party dresses. Oh wait I don’t need an excuse to dress up I just make up excuses all year round to get dressed up.

I bought my party dress for my works Holiday party months ago. I  saw it and i just couldn’t pass it up. So, it has been nicely sitting in my closet. It is a gold and black Jaquard floral dress. Since bringing it to the front of my closet I have been craving touches of metallic. This is the perfect season to crave such things because you can almost find metallic everywhere you go right now..oh happy days!

Since I’m currently craving metallic I put together my fave fives all of which involve sparkly metallic touches. So, enjoy my picks and let me know which ones are your favorite. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and reading.





Bridal Fashions

Glamorous Wedding Accessories For Brides That Are Swoon Worthy

Diamonds are a girls best friend right ? Well are you ready to be in awe of some beautiful jewelry ?  Knowing that every girl loves jewelry and especially the kind that sparkles including me! I wanted to search and share with you some of my favorite pieces that are sure to make any girl feel glamorous. So, here are some of my picks for bridal jewelry that is just perfect for any girls wedding day,  for any special occasion, or just because. I have also put together and styled a couple of necklaces and earrings that go well together.

Remember when choosing jewelry you always want to decide which piece is going to be your focal point. So if you have decided that the necklace is the focal point everything else should just compliment not distract, compete, or take attention away from it. Chandelier earrings, with a big bulky bracelet and bib necklace combined will make you look like you raided your grandma’s closet instead of helping highlight your beauty and complete your look.

More than anything just remember to have fun. Remember the key points above and you are sure to look amazing on your special day!

Diamonds_2Diamonds_8Diamonds_4Diamonds_3Diamonds_7Diamond_6Diamonds_1Diamond_18Diamonds_8Diamonds_10Diamonds_9Diamonds_12Diamonds_14 Diamonds_15 Diamonds_16


The following Jewelry Can Be Found At |1st Look: Necklace : Deepa Gurnani : Earrings: Marc Jacobs | Drop Diamond Earrings: Erickson Beamon Smoke & Mirror |Necklace : JCrew Crystal Circle Necklace| 2nd Look: Erickson Beamon Pearl Necklace White Wedding Necklace : Oversized Pearl Studs Juliet & Company | JCREW Crystal Floral Statement Necklace | Jenny Peckham Tesoro Bracelet II|3rd Look: Erickson Beamon Hello Sweetie Necklace : Marc By Marc Jacobs Exploded Bow Large Stud | Ring: Alexis Bittar Floral Small Cushion Ring|Crystal Compilation Necklace |4th Look : Crystal Compilation Bracelet: Crystal Venus Flytrap Earrings |Crystal Collage Necklace |Acacia Headdress II Jenny Peckham | Stellina Comb IV Jenny Peckham | Stellina Comb Jenny Peckham | Dauphines Of New York Pops Of Color Barrette