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Valentine’s Gift Guide


Happy Thursday! I know I have been away for a little while. But I have a huge surprise for you all to reveal what has been keeping me so busy.

Well Valentine’s is right around the corner. So I put together this quick little gift guide if you are wondering what to get for yourself ;), a girlfriend, or as a just because gift. I’ll be putting together a gift guide for him too so keep your eyes open. I’m not quite sure myself what I’ll be doing on Valentine’s day but I’ll probably decide last minute haha. Yep I’m pretty bad hehe.

I hope this little guide helps 😉 And thank you for stopping by and reading my blog it means SO much to me! Oh oh I included the Nars lip pencil and I’m in love with the color it’s so pretty. I ‘m so big on red that has a blue in it because it really does make red pop even more. Sorry I just wanted to tell you all how much I love it haha and how you should try it too. You won’t be disappointed promise.

1|2|3|4|5|6|7|8|9|10 (sold out) Another option )



Getting Cozy In Sweater

GettingCozyThe weather has really cooled down here in California! I actually have been turing on my heater at night burr. I tend to like things warmer and everyone complains I like things too warm haha (co-workers, family and friends). I REALLY do love cooler weather even though I’m always cold ;). I especially love running in the cooler weather too.

I was so excited to start bringing out my sweaters again woot woot and start layering. I know winter in California is nothing like other parts of the country so I won’t complain it’s beyond freezing here..haha.

So, with my excitement of it being cooler and bringing out my sweaters again. I wanted to share with you some other sweaters I’ve had my eye on while dusting off the ones I currently have. Perhaps even adding a few more to my wardrobe this year. I hope you love my current picks for the season and thank you for stopping by and reading! Please do tell me which ones  are your favorites because like always I love hearing from my readers.