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Happy Thursday ! I’m so happy to finally reveal that my Christmas illustrations are available on Zazzle! I’m so sooooo excited and boy was it a lot of work hehehe. I thought i would link them all here because individually because Zazzle’s site is having a little bit of problem at the moment displaying them all.

At the moment Zazzle is offering 50 % off all cards and 50% off of express shipping which is perfect for the holidays and receiving your goodies. Everything else is 20% percent off which is perfect if you want to order gift tags!

Well I before I type a novel which I’m good at I just wanted to share with you all the exciting news!! I hope you all have a wonderful Thursday and I can’t believe Christmas is around the corner ekkk.

Talk soon and thanks for stopping by!



To buy these item here is the link: Eternel Trésor Zazzle