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Merry Christmas

Screen Shot 2014-12-29 at 3.59.02 PMI hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas with their families, friends, and loved ones! ย This is my family picture from this year. I know it’s a little late but my computer charger totally died ! I know how crazy. I had to go out and buy a new one yay. At least I was able to get our photo up on Instagram and now up here on my blog.

What’s crazy is I totally love this family picture and I was SO sick in it and so was my photographer. Not to mention I was totally freaking out and so, was my boy leaning against the bushes because I was afraid a spider would jump out at me ( Yes I’m totally a girl bahaha). But who would have guessed being sick and being afraid of the bushes would result in a very nice family photo. Not to mention I went out to a Laker game the night before and cheered my little head off. Sadly they lost but only by one point! I think the ref’s were getting paid under the table because they called so many fouls on my boys (I won’t go into it because I’ll write a novel). I was on the edge of my seat the entire game cheering on the boys too. I was sick when I went to the game too but didn’t feel it when I was there ;). However, oh man the next day I died. I just have to say my photographer friend is truly one amazingly talented guy because like I said he was sick too.

Anyways, my boy and I had an amazing Christmas and I just wanted to say thank you for always coming by and reading my blog. I’m beyond excited to see what this next year brings. We have had an amazingly blessed year. Thanks for letting me share my journey with you!


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Photo by Jeffrey Lin