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Mother’s Day Gift Guide


Mother’s Day is this coming weekend. So, just in case you haven’t gotten mom a gift. Don’t worry I’m here to save the day! I hope this gift guide helps. As for me, I still need to get something for my mom too….hehe (I’m a slacker). It’s always busy around here so, I haven’t had much time to shop for her quite yet. It’s also my birthday week. So, things tend to get a little crazier than normal haha. However, now that I’ve looked around at gifts I’m pretty sure I know what I’m getting her now.

Okay I better run. Please tell me what you all are getting your mom this Mother’s Day. I want to know so, leave a comment below. I might also need a few more suggestions ;). I’m also still deciding where I should take my mom to eat too or if I should take her to get a pedicure. Oh decisions decisons decsions!!!! Thanks for stopping by.




Gift Ideas For Her …


Happy Monday! I thought I would do some quick giving ideas for her just in case you were at a stand still with ideas! Hey even that happens to me with all the hussle and bustle of the season. So, here is some of my picks I hope you like them.

I can’t believe how close Christmas is. I still have SO much shopping and errands to run ahaha. I might have to bribe Colby with some food to come with and help me out with shopping haha. The only down side to that is I can’t shop for him. If he’s with me or if I do he knows what he’s getting. And well that just ruins the surprise haha. Which is no fun at all since I’m a girl all about surprises!! Even though I try with all my own might to figure things out haha. I think the challenge for me is can I personally really be surprised despite all my guessing and all?  So, that might really be why I get even more excited to really surprise people. It’s the look on their face and their emotions that are that kodak moments that are priceless. Although I think Colby doesn’t enjoy surprises as much as me haha oh well he’s doomed.

Well I better run so much to do and time to head off to work again. How many of you like surprises too ? Also do any of you have any other gift giving ideas you would like to share I’m open to suggestions :) . Thanks for stopping by my blog and reading talk soon!!!



Black & Blue

BlackandBlueHappy Monday hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I cannot believe how fast the weekend went by. The summer is flying by faster than I would like it too. I haven’t even been able to get some beach time in yet. Which means one thing! I need to make that a priority before the days of summer are no more!

Since summer is coming to a close I’ve been looking at fall clothes and craving blue and black. Luckily Cobalt blue is trending this winter. I like looking at color forecasting for seasons but I never stick to them. I tend to do my own thing. :) I’ve never been one for following the crowd. I will wear things that make me feel good and look good on me. Which I would suggest to all my readers.

With that said here are a few things I’m obsessing over at the moment (like you don’t even know!). Everything is blue and black themed with the pop of silver! Enjoy and thank you so much for stopping by. I’m going to end it here since for some odd reason my cat thinks my laptop is his personal bed and loved laying on me and my computer when I’m typing! His name stitch really does fit his personality.