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Twisted Plaid


Happy Monday! I hope you all had an amazing weekend. I worked really hard this weekend to prep everything for this weeks posts. Not easy with a thirteen year old who is always hungry I think he might just eat me out of house and home. This year I have vowed to be better at my posts and really step it up. So, I hope you all enjoy the new and improved blog year woot woot.

This weekend all I wanted to do was sit by my little heater, curl up in a blanket, sip hot coco, look at fashion inspiration and listen to the rain. It has been raining here in Southern California which by the way I love the rain. I probably would’t say that if I lived where it always rained haha. Seriously I love the sound and the smell yeah! But we have really had some dry winter’s here in California. So, I’m more than excited for the rain to be here. With just wanting to be cozy all I wanted to wear was jeans and a plaid shirt. Then next thing I knew was I was sketching and looking for plaid shirts with a twist. I’ve always loved looking for things and wearing clothing that are different. Then I thought what a perfect post that would be. Plus who doesn’t want a plaid shirt that adds a little spice to their wardrobe?

I hope you like my not so typical plaid shirt picks and my plaid shirt watercolor sketch. ย I hope you have a wonderful Monday. I know you all will look great in any of these picks so have fun and thank you for stopping by my blog.





Fave Five

FIVEFAVELast Post was all about Fall Coat/ Jacket trends. Now here are some of my favorite picks that are super affordable for this season. Now anyone that knows me well knows I love well made clothing ;). Naturally that means expensive..hehe. I’ve always had a love for quality even when I was in high school just ask my mom. I drove her nuts with wanting name brand clothing ..hehe. Since going to fashion school I’m afraid I love good quality clothes even more and appreciate them having had to make them in school. The problem now is I know what too look for and won’t just pay a high price unless I know it’s amazing quality.

I alway recommend spending a little more on something that is good quality because it will end up lasting you years! So, in the end it is worth it I feel to spend a little more. Although I do understand that this isn’t always possible. Hello single mom here to an almost thirteen year old! Because I’m a single mom who loves quality I also love affordable things too. My son at the moment is going through a major growth spurt and will pass me up shortly (sad tears). So, I love affordable options for myself since I’m having to buy him a lot of clothes lately not to mention him always being hungry (oh the joys of boys. ๐Ÿ™‚ )

That is why I wanted to share with you these fave fives that are totally affordable ranging from $ 60- $160.00. I hope you enjoy my picks and I hope I have helped my fashion friends out there that are on a budget. Even if your not on a budget I know you will like these picks and plus they will be great for your wallet. Thanks so much for stopping by!