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February Love


With Valentine’s Day right around the corner. I thought I would put together a quick Valentie’s Day guide! I even put one together one for that cute difficult sometimes hard to buy for teenager hehe. I know I need to to pick something up still for my little guy. I remember the day when a piece of candy and a little ity bity Valentine’s Day card was really a big deal to him. If only I could go back in time.

Hopefully this gift guide helps give you idea’s. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and have a wonderful day. Thanks for always stopping by and reading talk soon.


Hers | 1|2|3|4|5|6|7|8 (sold out another option)|9|10|11|12|13|14|15 (sold out another option)

His| 1|2|3|4|5|6|7|8|9|10|11|


14 Shades of Love

Wondering what to wear for tomorrow ? Here are some ideas that are way to cute to pass up.

In honor of this week being Valentines Day and all. I went around looking for 14 different dresses/ skirts that were of course red. So if you haven’t figured out what you are wearing for Valentines Day yet look no further. All of these dresses of course can be worn for a date, hanging out with your girlfriends, family, or going to a party. Either way I hope that you have an wonderful Valentines Day, and enjoy the picks here at Eternel Trésor.


All dresses can be found at the following: Dress One; Anthropologie, Dress Two; Free People, Dress Three; JCrew,  Dress Four; Ted Baker, Dress Five; JCrew, Dress Six; Anthropologie,  Dress Seven; Anthropologie, Dress Eight; Gap , Dress Nine; Skirt JCrew, Dress Ten; Skirt Anthropologie, Dress Eleven; Anthropologie, Dress Twelve; Mod Cloth, Dress Thirteen; Anthropologie, Dress Fourteen; JCrew


Shoe Love Part II

Finally the much anticipated part II of Eternel Trésor’s shoe love picks are in just in time for Valentine’s Day! It was really hard to make a choice since there are so many cute red shoes out there. Anyways I hope you like my picks, and try not to be to swept away by these shoes. Don’t worry I’m guilty of it..hehe.

These shoes would be perfect for any kind of night out, or be perfect for a girls wedding shoe or for her maids. The first five shoes are over $ 100.00 but all the ones after are under a $ 100.00. I was trying to think of the ladies that have a budget.

So which one is your favorite ?


(Top) What’s not to love about a pair of Valentino shoes? I’m personally a sucker for the lace ones!


(Top Left) These sparkle Jimmy Choo’s are amazing!

These heart applique shoes are just too adorable! I can totally see a bride wearing these cuties under her gown (bottom)


The following shoes can be found at: Shoe One (right) Neimen Marcus; Shoe Two (left) Neimen Marcus; Shoe Three (right); Neimen Marcus, Shoe Four (left); Neimen Marcus, Shoe Five; Neimen Marcus, Shoe Six (left) DSW; Shoe Seven(right) DSW; Shoe Eight (left) DSW; Shoe Nine (right) DSW; Shoe Ten (left) Shoe Society; Shoe Eleven (right); Neimen Marcus