Time Out For Some Sweets

Time to take a quick break from fashion and a get side tracked by Easter goodies. Here are a couple of treats that are not just too adorable. They certainly make my sweet tooth go into overdrive. I’m sure after you see these you too will understand and start braking out the baking supplies tehehe. So, here are some cute sweet treat ideas for your Easter get together’s this season. I have posted links as where you can get these or how you can make them. Or, if your brave enough to try and make these by just these images like me kudos.

So, now it’s off to warming up the ovens and experimenting in the kitchen to try and recreate some of these adorable treats.
cupcakes bunnycupcakes ladybug cupcakes2ladybug2 butterflieshydrang

X, Shy

The following treats can be found: Bluebird Nest Cupcakes|Peek-A-Boo Bunny Cupcakes|Lady Bug Cake Pops Without Sticks|Birds Nest Cupcake|Lady Bug Cake Pops On A Stick | Butterfly Cake Pops|Hydrangea Cupcakes

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