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It’s Friday and I’m off work. I should say I kind of have the day off haha. I’m still working on side projects and my blog for all of you lovelies. Today I’m off to attend the Huntington beach midsingles conference. I have been before but this year I have many friends on the committee! So, what am I to do ?! Yes that’s right attend the conference and support them tehehe. If you follow me on Instagram I’m sure you will be seeing bits and pieces of it on my IG story. SO, stay tuned it’s about to get crazy hehe…jk about the crazy part. It should be fun. I like going but secretly I love staying home working on my blog, designing and drawing!!! What is wrong with me right ? I know I know but I love working on the blog, drawing/ sketching and designing. I’m not able to shut that part of my brain off. How many of you feel the same way. about something you are passionate about (tell me in the comments below)? I know I’m not the only one ;). I am super excited to be with all my friends though tonight and make new ones.

So, this cute little summer dress I bought about a year ago. It’s perfect for summer soooo, it was time to bring it back into my wardrobe with the warming temps. I have linked other dresses that have a similar tropical bright print vibe (ENJOY).

Well I better run have a FABULOUS weekend. Thanks for stopping by as always *hugs*.


Dress (sold out) (Option 1) (Option 2) (Option 3) (Option 4) (Option 5)|Heels (Old pair) (Option 1) (Option 2)| Lips| Earrings


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