Utah Fashion Week Design Collection

Happy Monday! Wow it has been such a long time since I have blogged. I had to put blogging on hold though because I worked on a VERY big and EXCITING project. I don’t even remember if I had mentioned before this post. That I was working on something exciting and couldn’t share it with you all. However, here is the big reveal FINALLY and all the photos for you’re eyes to see. I only told a few very close family and friends. For the most part no one knew till a month before the show when I announced it.

Now just a little bit of background. May turned out to be a crazy month in this house of mine. We moved to Huntington Beach. I was signed full time with my 9-5 job and then I was admitted and accepted into Utah Fashion week. Did I also mention it’s my birthday month too. I knew things were about to get crazy but had no idea just how much…bwahaha. I slowly stopped hanging out with all my friends and and family except Colby though because he lives with me hehe. I knew though I needed all the time I could get. To pull off such a project of this size. So, I geared up for Utah Fashion Week by pulling tons of all nighters and used every weekend and holiday from May to September. Let me tell you my cabin fever was at an all time high with being such an extrovert. I had never been so tired either except when in college.

However, school trained me well and I knew investing time into my designs and this project would be worth it. It was time to push  myself and my dreams of being a fashion designer even further than I had gone before. It was time to start making waves. I flew to Portland countless times to get help from my very talented pattern making friend Monica! It was top secret I told no one. She was just a life saver during this whole process I can’t even put into words. Then during the last week before the show she flew down to help me complete the remaining few of the collection of six outfits. Now you might be thinking only six ?! Let me tell you sewing six garments/ designs is way harder than it looks. Although that is part of the magic to make it look easy. Everything started as a sketch/ concept/ idea/ then was draped, patterns were made, altered, fabric was cut, sewn, and altered, and hand sewn treatments were made and added. I still look back and wonder how the hell It pulled it all off …haha.

Two days before the actual show we drove with my friend Kari (who I always and friends always volunteer as my manager lol). Of course Colby came too but he mostly slept for most of the driving. We were Utah bound for Utah Fashion week. I didn’t want to fly in case the airlines lost my designs because they were far to big for a carry on. It wasn’t worth the chancing it. Driving was a safe bet but the  road trip turned into complete chaos lol. It was like every obstacle you could imagine happened. Example is driving off with my computer and makeup on the roof of the car or my hotel in Salt Lake having fraud charges ahaha. Yes a bunch of apple fairies die because the the computer didn’t handle the crash onto the pavement. We didn’t turn back to get thought because our timeline was so, tight. Although we pushed through it all and handled each obstacle one at a time. We also picked up up the computer on the way back. There were many times when I was close to tears during this adventure and straight up frustrated (lack of sleep does that.). Through it all though little nuggets of hope/ help always seemed to happen even in what seemed like impossiable crazy. Which was comforting in that I knew I was on the right road. I know totally cheesy but trust me.

We finally got into Utah the day before the show.  Did a last minute fitting, since I was the only out of state designer. So, at 9 pm at night I had clothes flying everywhere on different models fitting them. It was all a blur and a glimpse of what was to come. Fun part is I had Colby help me carry the clothes in. When all of a sudden I remembered models are always naked because they are changing and Colby is a teenage boy. This was defiantly a bad idea ….bwhahaha. I don’t know where that flashback or thought came from. I made Colby stay in the hallway area while Kari helped me fit my models.

Now the day of the show. Was even more of a blur. I switched two model outfits between models. Made everything work. Before I knew it, it was time for the show and runway. We did one walk through and it was show time. My music started to play, my heart began to burn and race, my legs became weak ( like they do when I see a hot guy don’t ask lol).  The moment I worked so, hard for was happening. My models walked in my designs down the runway. Then it was my turn to face the audience and bow and thank them. I went out in front of everyone and my mind went blank. I have never been so, nervous in my entire life like I was then. All the sleepless nights, brainstorming, sewing and envisioning this moment was in front of me. I totally froze and my legs almost gave out honestly. I was beyond excited at the applause and the reception my collection received.

In a blink of an eye the moment was gone and forever cemented in my brain. I was beyond proud of myself for pulling off such a huge project and dream. Although I can’t say it was all me. I had so, much help and encouragement. There is no way I could have done this all alone. All I can say is a huge thank you to Monica and Kari and so, many more. This moment this Utah Fashion Week will forever be the highlight of 2018 for me. Although this is just the beginning.

I know this post is long and I tried to keep it short….ahaha. Currently since being back home and my collection being done. I’m gearing up for a fashion shoot with these designs. I’m seriously so, excited and can’t wait to show you all.

Also I wanted to thank Utah Fashion week for having me and my amazing kind models. I hope this post makes it worth my time away. I’ll be sharing more behind the scenes and the process shots in another blog post soon. But if feels great to be back. Thanks as always for stopping by and reading my blog it means the world to me.


*Hugs* & XX


Photography by | Kara







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