Wedding Guest Style With Blue




This past weekend I had such a blast attending a very dear and close friends wedding! I decided on this little dress because of the side asymmetrical lace detailing. I ordered it months ago and knew it ran big. It was the only size they still had (insert sad face here haha). So, in some of the pictures it does look big on me! If you looked even more closely. You can totally see my scrapped knee. From when I totally ate it hiking and fell like a million times ;). I just ran out of time to take in the dress and my knee is still healing haha. Naturally altering it is NOW on the list of million things to do next. (I can’t be the only one that has those types of lists lol)

I chose to go with a pop of color which was the bright blue clutch with sparkle. I thought, “hey isn’t blue suppose to be a color of good luck for weddings?’ Hey I just wanted to send all the luck and magic to my friend the bride on her most special day.

The wedding was a blast and it was sooooo much fun hanging with all my girlfriends. I love hanging with my girls and talking girl talk it’s always the best haha. Not to mention seeing how happy my friend Leslie was getting married and seeing how beautiful she was. OH I do have to share there was this Peruvian tradition of pulling ribbons. Each ribbon had a charm on it and the one that got the ring is the NEXT to be married. Yup I so didn’t get it! I did get the wedding bells that said next to be married haha. So, I have a long ways to go because this is how I figured it works. I figured I’ve got plenty of time because well of course I’m the next to be married after the ring girl !! NO pressure at all maybe pressure for her but not me hehehe. Plus it’s not like she’s gonna get married tomorrow so, she’s buying me time too. Isn’t that how these traditions work or not work 🙂 . Yup I’m so good at the moment and don’t jinx me.

Anyways I off to bed I have a very early flight to Portland tomorrow so, I better run! Thanks for always stopping by and visiting my blog. Oh course I included this candid selfie shot my son took while helping me with pictures lol. Have a AWESOME weekend!




Dress sold out (Here) (Here)|Clutch sold out (Here) (Here)|Bracelet (Here) (Here) (Here)| Heel sold out (Here)| Earrings (Here)|

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